David Todd

I’m lucky to be able to live in Markerville with my own home studio. This will be our fifth year hosting Artists on the Avenue on the front lawns of our homes on Johnson Avenue.

Since moving here, I’ve finally gotten to offer a wide range of functional work in many different styles of pottery. Using electric kilns, a gas kiln and a raku kiln there is bound to be something that you would like to take home.

There is quite a selection of bowls, cups, plates, trays, mugs, and kitchen utility pieces in both high- and mid-fired clays.

To help you remember your visit to our hamlet, Markerville souvenir mugs are offered in several different designs.

Winter offers a great opportunity for the making of my art pottery creations which are displayed in the gallery and yard. Drop in, you never know what you will find!

Otter Pottery | 74 Johnson Avenue, Markerville, AB
403-638-5177 | otter@otterpottery.com

Aims Abson

This year I am excited to bring my new creations to the 2024 July long weekend Artists on the Avenue Market!

I’ve spent the time since last year’s market working on some new creations that have been so fun for me I didn’t want to stop working on them!

This year I’m happy to offer light as air earrings I’ve created in my own special designs. From butterflies to flowers, to trailers like my own wonderfully decorated Trillium trailer that I covered in flowers. I’ve created little trailer earrings covered in flowers for those of you who are into camping or just like to dream about being on the go!

I’ve also created some new silverware designs with beautiful patterns I’ve embedded into the metal while rolling a spoon bowl out nice and thin. I discovered the possibilities as I went along and that is how I came up with my next new creations!

Car Windchimes! Created from a spoon bowl and fork tines, these windchimes come with colourful ball chain to dangle them from the arm of the rearview mirror. Get into some scary driving? Just give them a flick and let the sounds of the chimes let you Keep Calm and Drive On! Or – hang them anywhere! Their beautiful little chimes will make you smile every single time!

I look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s market and am eager to share my newer (and older) creations with you!

Big Blue Barn Designs | bigbluebarn@gmail.com

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Blake & Anu MacInnis

Blake and Anu here from Second Nature Studio in Dickson, Alberta! We’re new to the area and very happy to share our craft with everyone!

I’m an electrician from Nova Scotia and she is the kindest accountant from Mumbai, and we’re most often found working on one of many projects at our new home or chasing our dog Sue around!

A little story about how this began:

  • Candle making came first to help warm up our new very old, very cold home. Started by refilling old candles before we started to really get into making them from scratch. As we dove into the science of candle making we quickly found what we liked and what worked best.
    All natural clean burning coconut soy wax, wood wick that burns so beautifully and packaged in a useful cozy mason jar that could be found in any of our homes! Available in 8oz and 16oz.
  • Then came making our own cold process soap! From the very first batch we knew we had a new passion on our hands! We’ve since refined 12 wonderful hand and body bars that are uniquely captivating with every use!
    Every bar is specialized including natural fruit extracts, luscious shea/ cocoa butters, food grade oils, real flower petals, activated charcoal, natural exfoliants and more!!
    Guaranteed to enjoy!
  • Bath bombs are a really great way to get our epsom salt in and baths for all around self care!
    Our first batch came at the request of a friend’s child who wanted a little toy pressed into his bath bomb and we were happy to help!
  • Soap Coasters! Hand made epoxy soap coasters with incredible natural touches throughout every piece! Very eye catching, a beautiful touch for any bathroom!
  • Custom wood art will also be available in the future as we continue to utilize our CNC router, laser etcher and carpentry skills!

We look forward to continuing to grow our skills, friend circle and lives in this wonderful community of ours! See you in Markerville!!

Second Nature Studio | Dickson, Alberta

Al Derksen

I have worked with leather most of my life. My partner and I do custom leather work: mainly sheaths, scabbards, holsters and belts. 

• Holsters
• Slings
• Knife Sheaths
• and more

Al’s Custom Leather | 780-518-8290
alderksen47@gmail.com | Spruce View, Alberta

Annette Gray

Pick up a copy of Annette’s new book,
“It’s About Time- A Memoir”

Annette Gray is a Canadian born writer of fiction, nonfiction and poetry. She has numerous published short stories and newspaper articles to her credit as well as eight books: Butterflies In The Dark, Mountains and Moonbeams, Twisted Heart; Twin Hearts; Rearview Mirror; Journey of the Heart–a true story; Westport’s Tarnished Star–in defense of Johnny Behan; and Keep The Peace At All Cost.

“My father, a quiet, unassuming man, was a great mentor. He taught me to believe in myself. ‘You can do anything you set your mind to,’ he used to say. Under his guidance, I became a writer with hundreds of articles and short stories published in the USA and Canada.”

Graytwest Books by Annette Gray

Wendy Meeres

I have always been an artist, from my youngest days to my current life. I now focus on making lampwork beads, jewelry from the beads, and painting. I paint in watercolour, acrylics and mixed media. I also love to teach, what is better than sharing your passion and getting others to enjoy creating art and appreciating the arts.

My work celebrates colour and patterns found in the world around me. I am often inspired by my travels both close to home and around the world.

I hope you find the perfect piece – either for your home or to compliment your wardrobe.

Wendy Meeres Art | 403-318-8638

Cathy Ziegler

Cathy Ziegler has enjoyed crafting all her life and is excited to be a part of Artist on the Avenue this year. Bringing her Macrame wreaths, wreath mirrors, key chains, wall hangings and samplers, beadwork and the last of her 10 year run of dream catchers.

Mystic Mountain Rock Shop | 403-507-9244
Olds, Alberta

Vern Steinbrecker

I was raised on a farm north of Hanna and spent most of my life in Calgary, employed in the agricultural field and construction.

My wood turning started about 17 years ago as a personal hobby. After 7 years of building skills, I eventually began showing my work at the Farmers’ Markets around Calgary.

I moved to Sundre, Alberta in 2018 and retired a few months later. I still do a bit of wood turning but am expanding and trying different wood working.

I regularly take part in the Sundre Farmer’s Market and a few other markets; I have to keep busy!

VJS Turning

Betty Caskey

I live to create. For the last 45 years, fiber, paper, dyes, paints, ribbon, and fabric (especially silk) has presented inspirational challenges to me. The satisfaction gained from manipulating this media is rivaled only by the joy I feel when I share this passion with others. Colour and texture are the most important ingredients in my work.

Besides selling at Markets I also teach what I do. For a list of my classes please contact me at silkworm46.bc@gmail.com

Silkworm Studio

Blair M. Thorson

Blair now lives in Spruce View, AB after many years in Whitehorse, YK. His only formal art education was in grade school giving him an appreciation of young students being exposed to art.

Blair was an Editorial Cartoonist for 6 years with Newspapers throughout the Peace Country, BC. He had over 800 editorials published and compiled select cartoons into a book.

Though Blair’s initial artistic experiences have been painting on maps and cartooning, he has found yet another avenue to express his artistic creativity. He first started Bark Carving since he moved to Spruce View and is thoroughly enjoying the new experience. The wood material is local and he is enjoying foraging for it throughout the year.

Blair M. Thorson | blairthorson.com

Raevyn Berg

I was born and raised in Alberta and have spent the majority of my life surrounded by the enriching beauty that is our natural backyard. I am compelled to venture to the Rocky Mountains whenever I need a spiritual recharge. I enjoy every moment being in the wilderness, especially when I get the opportunity to sit by a flowing body of water.

My desire to be immersed in nature has made me an avid wildlife enthusiast, particularly when it comes to understanding the impacts people have on wildlife populations. I’ve spent hours and hours mesmerized by the behaviors and antics of other living beings on our planet. Painting animals has been one of my most rewarding subjects, as I love showing the expression of their soul through my art, as well as reminding people that they too, exist.

I’ve been painting professionally for a few years now and always pursue greater excellence as my style emerges and my artistic journey continues.


Darrell Franke

I have always envisioned beauty in nature and our wonderful surroundings and love recreating them in a different light by painting on a canvass and bringing the scenery to a new life. My inspiration and motivation stems from the passion and creativity that I feel once that brush strokes the canvass. I choose to paint through my vision, sitting in front of a blank canvass to enable me to bring it to life as I see it through my eyes. My preferences are landscapes.

Many of us are currently in the work force and have little time to really enjoy and appreciate the beauty in nature. I am inspired to think that people can visit all of these destinations through my paintings and live within them. I enjoy the sense of noble serenity that you can see and feel in my paintings.

Envision and enjoy!

Bowden, AB | 780-904-0330

Hilda & Kristy Gamble

Our names are Hilda and Kristy Gamble, a mother/daughter duo that has spent many hours taking classes, going to and running quilt retreats, learning and practicing our skills through fun, and now also teaching others. We play with both yarn and fabric.

Our yarn play has us create items such as slippers, mittens, hats, scarves and afghans of different sizes, weights and colors. Our fabric play has us create items such as placemats, hotmats, table runners, centrepieces, children’s books, table cloths and wall hangings.

Then there are the quilts! From small baby quilts to couch throws, twin quilts and sizes on up, there are always several quilts on the go. We create what we are inspired to as well as items we are commissioned to make for those who have specific wishes but perhaps neither the time or the skills to do their own.

We offer our creations for sale to others through markets, word of mouth and the occasional on-line posting. We are also happy to donate items several times a year, on our own, as well as through the two crafting groups in our area that we belong to. We like to think of our donations providing a smile or a warm hug to the recipients from someone in their community who cares.

We run quilt retreats and classes throughout the year, please contact us for details.

The Stitchin Nest at 22 Birdwalk
403-638-7356 | Loppe@xplornet.com

Michele Brewster

I wanted to be an artist at a young age. Like many other artists, I want to create images that inspire emotional response.

My formal education was at the Alberta College of Art, but I feel that the experiences of life and an appreciation of nature have had the most influence on my work. Keeping standards high is what forces me to grow as an artist, something that is ongoing as I attempt to do more with my time and energy.

I find the most satisfaction from working with oil or gouache. I try to use design theory to create a strong composition. It becomes exciting to see it through to completion.

My work has found homes in Europe, the United States, as well as in Canadian corporate and private collections.

Robert Braun

Wood turning has been Robert E. Braun’s passion for the past twenty years. Born and raised in a Northern Ontario lumber town, he developed his love of wood early in life. And, inspired by a craftsman he met in Greece who was turning his olive wood vases out of a store front studio, he was intrigued by the whole process of turning.

He prefers to turn while the wood is wet or “green” to allow it to distort and find its own shape. In addition, Robert has made over 30 of his own cutting knives. As the wood turns on the lathe, the grain patterns emerge and the adventure begins. It piques his interest to see what lies within.

Each piece he turns is chosen for its creative potential, making use of such features as burls, spalt, and bark inclusions. This ensures a unique creative result. One of his greatest pleasures is searching for exotic wood on his travels.

Bowls, vases, wall platters, and urns are examples of his work. Carving caricatures is another one of his passions.

abbraun55@gmail.com | bobsworld53@gmail.com

Ann Jasmin

I’ve been creating on and off for over twenty years. I have dabbled in many different mediums my favourite being fabrics. I enjoy making faeries, ogres, dragons and many different Christmas ornaments.